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Name Cyclophosphamide
CAS No. 6055-19-2
Sepcification USP42
Usage and indications The main use of cyclophosphamide is with other chemotherapy agents in the treatment of lymphomas, some forms of brain cancer, neuroblastoma, leukemia and some solid tumors.
Structural formaula

1. Dosage form and Mechanism of action

Dosage form: Injection/Tablets

Mechanism of action: The main effect of cyclophosphamide is due to its metabolite phosphoramide mustard. This metabolite is only formed in cells that have low levels of ALDH. Phosphoramide mustard forms DNA crosslinks both between and within DNA strands at guanine N-7 positions (known as interstrand and intrastrand crosslinkages, respectively). This is irreversible and leads to cell apoptosis.

2. Specification

Regarding the detailed standard, please contact info@shjnj.com

3. Package

10 kgs/bag; It can also be packed according to the requirements

4. Product source

Produced by Chemical synthesis in China

5. Document support

SMF and DMF are available

6. Supply

    Stable supply for more than 10 years

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