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Name Docetaxel
CAS No. 114977-28-5
Sepcification USP42
Usage and indications Docetaxel is used in the treatment of various cancers, including breast, lung, prostate, gastric, head and neck, and ovarian cancer. Clinical data have shown docetaxel to have cytotoxic activity against breast, colorectal, lung, ovarian, prostate, liver, renal, gastric, and head and neck cancers and melanoma. In hormone-refractory prostate cancer docetaxel improves life expectancy and overall life quality.
Structural formaula

1. Dosage form and Mechanism of action

Dosage form: Injection

Mechanism of action: The cytotoxic activity of docetaxel is exerted by promoting and stabilising microtubule assembly, while preventing physiological microtubule depolymerisation/disassembly in the absence of GTP. This leads to a significant decrease in free tubulin, needed for microtubule formation and results in inhibition of mitotic cell division between metaphase and anaphase, preventing further cancer cell progeny.

2. Specification

Regarding the detailed standard, please contact info@shjnj.com


3. Package

100 grams/bag; 500 grams/bag; It can also be packed according to the requirements

4. Product source

Produced by Chemical synthesis in China

5. Document support

SMF and DMF are available

6. Supply

    Stable supply for more than 10 years

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