About Us

Shjnj Pharmaceutical Technologies Inc. was founded in 2000. Over the years, SHJNJ has devoted itself in offering pharmaceutical consultant service, API, FDF and high quality intermediates service.

The founder and main business partners of SHJNJ all have more than 20 years’ experience of management, R&D, production and sales in the worldwide enterprise.

During the years, SHJNJ has exported many high quality APIs to Europe, Japan, Korea and US, and offered both stable supply service and professional product service. Besides, SHJNJ has also focused on importing foreign high quality FDF and offering registration services.

SHJNJ has offered services to more than 50 companies worldwide at present. As the company is growing quickly, SHJNJ has earned a high reputation from the market and has also taken the advantage of technology and plenty of resources.

SHJNJ uses the way of business applied in Chinese market to better cooperate with local companies and to better introduce foreign companies to Chinese market.

The trend of modern enterprise is turning to be more normalized, professional, civilized and individualized. When China ecomony is developing rapidly, the society in China has changed greatly. The label of “Made in China” is gradually turning into “Patent owned by China”. 


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