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Name Tripeptide-1
CAS No. 72957-37-0
Sepcification Enterprise standard
Usage and indications It is used in cosmetics and skin care products
Structural formaula

1. Detailed Specification


JPN: トリペプチド-1

KR: 트리펩타이드-1

2. Mechanism of action

Tripeptide-1 is a signal peptide that acts on the dermis to promote the synthesis of extracellular matrix such as collagen and glycosaminoglycans, strengthen the dermis, make the skin thicker, firmer, and relieve wrinkles. The ability to resist ultraviolet radiation is stronger. In addition, tripeptide-1 can transport a variety of functional ingredients to the bottom of the skin through the liposome transmission system, and has the following compound effects: prevent the formation of new fat cells; effectively burn fat; capture the by-products of fat peroxidation; activate Microcirculation.

3. Package

25 kgs/drum; It can also be packed according to the requirements

4. Product source

Produced by Chemical synthesis in China

5. HS Code

HS Code: 2933290090

    Product Name: Other compounds containing an unfused imidazole ring in the structure

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